Sigma Kappa

Chapter Officers

Chapter Officers

Olivia Dominguez


I am a biology major and music minor. I'm from Gahanna, Ohio. My favorite thing to do is going vintage shopping.

Blaine Davidson

Executive Vice President

My name is Blaine Davidson and I'm a double major in communications and Spanish. I am also the Vice President of Sigma Delta Pi (Spanish honorary). In my free time, I love to run and hang out with my puppy and all my SK sisters!

Selty Zhong

Vice President of Finance

Major: Math, Econ Likes: gaming, partying, shopping, fashion, movie, music. Me: little nerdy but fun, realistic but hoping for the most magical. Position: VPF, hope to keep the dollars coming

Julia Ross

Vice President of New Membership Education

My name is Julia Ross and I am a junior environmental science major and a geology minor. I love being outdoors and am very passionate about conservation and preserving our environment! I am this term's Vice President of New Member Education which means I educate new members on Sigma Kappa's values, history, and membership requirements. I also facilitate educational new member meetings to help transition new members into initiated members of the chapter. I enjoy my position because it allows me to make a lasting impression for new members that sets the tone for a lifetime of sisterhood and happiness!

Samantha Billstone

Vice President of Membership

Hi I'm Sam Billstone and I'm the Vice President of Membership for the Gamma Omega chapter of Sigma Kappa. I'm currently a junior working on a degree in Sport Management with a minor in History. In my spare time I enjoy doing anything that involves being with my beautiful Sigma Kappa sisters.

Lizzie McNeil

Vice President of Programming & Apparel Chair

Double major in Psychology & sociology with a concentration in criminology. I like to consider myself a social justice activist & stigma slayer. I joined sigma because what's better than a diverse group of strong female women.

Rachel Danahy

Vice President of Scholarship

o Psychology & Economics double major o Tour Guide, Men’s Volleyball Manager, Just Eve, Sigma Kappa o Likes/hobbies: cooking, Tasty videos, my mom, anything with chocolate in it, Ryan Reynolds & Blake Lively, working out

Maklayne Vitovich

Vice President of Communication

I am a music education major, class of 2019. Along with being the VPC for Sigma Kappa, I am the vice president of the Wittenberg Choir and the vice president of Shades of Pearls. I love singing, playing the flute, and rallying for equality! I hope to go to grad school for my Master of Music in Vocal performance.

Kenzie Kush

Vice President of Philanthropic Service

Hey there! My name is Kenzie Kush and I am the VPPS of the Gamma Omega Chapter of Sigma Kappa for the 2017 year. I'm originally from the Metro Detroit area and plan on returning post-graduation. I have a Spanish major and a double minor in business and economics. I will be graduating in December of 2017- the same time when this position will be passed on to a newly elected leader. I'm very excited to be able to execute this position to the best of my abilities right up until the time I graduate. Sigma Kappa is more than a sisterhood to me; it is a family. While in this position, I plan on keeping some of our Gamma Omega traditions such as hosting our annual "Sigma Stacks" philanthropy event, along with planning some new events like "Earth Week". I hold our values as Sigma Kappa women close to me. I'm honored to be leading this chapter and to have the opportunity to help chapter members grow as Sigma Kappa women in regards to service.

Paige Knipp

Ritual Chair

Hi! My name is Paige Knipp and I proudly hold two positions in Sigma Kappa-Gamma Omega. These positions are the house manager and ritual chair. I also am in an all female a Capella group on campus, Just Eve, and I hold the position of treasurer for that group. I love being a part of this diverse and unapologetically ourselves sorority. It truly is a home to me and I don't know what I would do without my sisters and this organization! Dove love!

Emma Byrd

Sisterhood Chair and Historian

I am a sophomore, marketing major. I am very excited to take on my new positions and am looking forward to being a larger part of the sorority. I absolutely love my Sisters and I am looking forward to the wonderful year ahead!

Samantha Fraga

Vice President of Alumnae Relations

Hi! I'm Samantha Fraga and I'm the Vice President of Alumnae Relations. I'm a junior biology major and marine science minor! I love traveling, photography and spending time with my family. One of my goals for the 2016-2017 year is to improve our chapter to the best of my abilities and connect our members with alumnae!

Katie Black

Panhell Delegate

Hi, I am Katie Black and I am from Fort Wayne, Indiana. I am an early childhood education major with a 4th-5th-grade endorsement at Wittenberg University along with being the PanHellenic delegate for Sigma Kappa. I love working with kids, photography, doing crafts, mission work, and being around the people I love most. I hope to one day teach in k-3 classroom and continue to do mission work and things for my chapter.

Mecca Abdul-Aziz

Rotating Panhell Delegate

Hello! My name is Mecca Abdul, I'm a junior at Witt and a Communication major with minors in Theatre and journalism. Being involved on campus has really opened my mind to so many oppurtunites. I love it! I am the Class President of 2018, VP of Concerned Black Students, Shades of Pearls member, Resident Advisor, and I even have a position on Panhel, as the Rotating Panhellenic Delegate. I want to strengthen our Greek community and show others that going Greek is fun! If you would have asked me if I was going to be in a sorority at Witt, I would have said no. The ladies of Sigma Kappa had changed that, now I have friends and sisters for a lifetime. Dove love!!!

Olivia Zink


My name is Olivia Zink, and I am in the class of 2019. I am a Theatre and Sociology double major. My position for Sigma Kappa is CMC.

Emma Lyons

Assistant VPNME & PR

Hi all! My name is Emma Lyons and I am a sophomore sociology major. My three favorite things are the outdoors, dogs, and deep fried foods. I love to travel and explore new places, so I am always down for an adventure. I chose Sigma Kappa because it was the only place I felt like I could be myself.

Sarah Billiar


Hi! My name is Sarah Billiar, I am a Junior at Wittenberg University. I am a Marketing Major. I love hanging out with my family and sorority sisters. I chose Sigma Kappa because I was shy and I didn't quite find my place yet but I took a chance and now I couldn't be happier. I know that I always have someone by my side no matter what the future holds. I am Sigma Kappa's webmaster and I am extremely excited to show our amazing sisterhood through social media. I am also very excited to see how our chapter blossoms in the future.

Audrey Feiler

Social Chair

I love ice cream and puns. I am a novice ukulele player who enjoys a sarcastic sense of humor. Cheese is a huge part of my life. I am excited to make more connections on campus through my position and enrich the sorority experience for my sisters! I love Sigma Kappa because my sisters make me feel beautiful!

Bailey Almond

Greek Week Chair

Hi, my name is Bailey Almond I am an Early Childhood Education Major, I am from Farmington Hills, MI. Currently studying abroad in Germany and loving getting around Europe. I love the color blue, elephants, and my sweet sweet sisters.

Kat Nydegger

RespEKt Week Chair

Hi! My name's Kat and I am honored to have been chosen as RespΣKt Week Chairman for the fall of 2017. I am currently studying a communications and music double major with a business minor. My favorite activities include running, traveling, and drinking lots of coffee. In the little free time I have, I spend it either hiking or training for half marathons and triathlons, playing violin, spending time with my sisters, or most likely eating ice cream. My goals as RespΣKt Week Chairman are to encourage those involved in Greek Life to provide positive experiences for their members and inform those both involved and not involved in Greek Life the harmful affects of hazing.